Wedding table plan: what rules for placement?

Plan de table de mariage : quelles règles pour le placement ?

The wedding preparations are progressing, the wedding dress and costume are ready, the invitations issued, but the crucial step of the table plan is missing!

Free or imposed placement? Mix age groups, families? Where to start ?

The time has come, we must start the drafts and prepare for a few hours of reflection so that the placement of the guests is coherent and pleasant for everyone. A challenge that can take time, of course, but which with a few basic principles will offer you a more peaceful organization.

We give you our best advice and the few steps to follow to create a wedding table plan quickly and efficiently!

1) Start in order, with the arrangement of the tables (seat plan)

Before knowing who will be next to whom, the most important step is the correct arrangement of the tables.

After visiting the room and if possible taking measurements, establish an approximate number of guests. Even though there will inevitably be changes along the way, you will already have an overall idea.

For large weddings or small venues, beyond affinities, think about practicality: everyone will need to be able to move around properly, guests and servers alike. Tables should neither be too close together nor too far apart, which would give an impression of emptiness.

2) Establish the table plan and the placement of each guest

The final seating plan will be validated a few weeks before the wedding, because bringing together so many people inevitably leads to unforeseen events! However, most of the work can be done as soon as the invitations are issued.

The first table, and not the least, will be yours! Make sure you have the best seat to see everyone and so everyone can see you.

Traditionally, the closest members of the bride and groom will be at this table: parents, brothers and sisters, witnesses, friends, etc. However, there are no obligations . It's your wedding, choose to put the people most important to you by your side.

3) Next, ask yourself the following question: free or imposed placement?

After all, nothing obliges you to assign a defined place to everyone. If the atmosphere between families is good and you trust your loved ones, you can let them settle wherever they want. Placement will thus be done naturally and according to affinities. Everyone will place themselves where they feel comfortable, and will guarantee you a general good mood.

If you prefer to organize the seating yourself, one more question arises: allocate a table only, or a place? Again, it’s up to your feelings. Allocating a table can be more than enough; everyone will then sit wherever they want.

The most important rule to remember is to make everyone feel good. Obviously, we can never satisfy everyone. But we can at least avoid bringing people who are in conflict at the same table!

And above all, don't hesitate to mix families even if everyone doesn't know each other, you could see nice connections being made! By age groups and interests, for example.

Our little tips for a successful investment:

- If you opt for a specific placement, provide name labels to place on the table.

- Do not group all the elderly people in one corner of the room. They risk feeling left out and not taking full advantage.

- If there are many children, provide them with a dedicated table with activities available and, if possible, a babysitter at their side .

- Don't separate couples and best friends , obviously...

- Try not to put a single person at a table full of couples.

- Preferably, mix people who are rather shy and reserved with people who speak more easily.

- Place at least 2 or even 3 people who know each other at the same table.

- Think about tables for teenagers who like to get together, far from parents!

Now you know where to start, it's time to start! Excel table, gray paper and pencil, small post-its to place on a large sheet, there are numerous ways to organize this famous plan!

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