How to choose your wedding photographer?

Comment choisir son photographe de mariage ?

This is probably one of the most difficult steps, I call it: choosing the photographer! Considering the price of the service and the responsibility entrusted to this person, it is better to be sure to make the right choice.

The relationship with your future photographer must be healthy and you must be able to be reassured from the first meetings. A trusted professional will be very foresighted and will be able to give you confidence.

We give you our best advice for choosing the perfect photographer!

Define your budget

Memories are priceless and passed down from generation to generation. Choosing the cheapest service means agreeing to take a risk. You will either be dealing with a beginner photographer who is looking to make themselves known, and in this case, you will have to trust your instinct and judge for yourself their ability to provide you with quality work, or with a service provider who does not value not its job by offering slashed prices, and that's not always a good sign.

Fortunately, the majority of photographers offer average prices and are fully capable and professional.

So start by defining your budget. If it is very low, you will probably have to make a concession, either on the quality of the work or on the duration of the service. It’s unique to everyone!

Examining the universe and the experience of the photographer

The important thing about wedding photos is that you like them and that they suit you. Photography being an art, it is subjective and varies entirely from one person to another. You will certainly come across photographers providing magnificent work, but who will not suit your world, your wedding.

Look at their work, project yourself onto the images, you will find the perfect universe, which will make you relive this very day years later!

Seek opinions from previous brides and grooms

This may seem very logical to some, but there are still too many scams on the Internet to neglect this step. And when I say “look at the reviews”, it’s not the ones the photographer publishes! You have to look where dissatisfied people express themselves: Google reviews, Facebook, Twitter, on sites dedicated to service providers, etc.

Conduct your little investigation and you will be reassured if you see that the negative opinions are in the minority and not too catastrophic (because it happens that certain services go poorly, and it is not always the fault of the professional!)

Understand the price of the service

With your future photographer, it is important to discuss the chosen service in depth. It's not just so many dollars for so many photos. Everything must be questioned and clarified: the equipment, the number of hours spent on site, the number of photos delivered, delivery in what form (Drive, private site, albums, etc.), physical media (USB key, prints, frames...) etc.

Don't forget that the photographer's work doesn't stop when he returns home. He still has very long hours to sort and retouch your photos...

Book as soon as possible!

A service such as this must be booked as soon as possible. As some weddings are planned 2 to 3 years in advance, some providers are booked very early. And if you find the perfect person and your date is taken... well you'll have to start searching again!

Do not hesitate to contact the photographers as soon as possible, to check their availability, and to book as soon as possible!

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