Which wedding dress to choose when wearing the hijab?

Quelle robe de mariée choisir quand on porte le hijab ?

Finding a wedding dress while respecting your values ​​is not always easy! If you're looking for a dress to wear with your veil, you've come to the right place.

We have prepared a selection of dresses that can be worn by all women, including those wearing the hijab.

During your fittings, if you see a model that you like, don't forget that it is probably adaptable to the way you dress: a transparent back or sleeves are very easily hidden with a thin white under-sweater, a false collar can be added, etc. !

The CELYA dress

The CELYA dress has a “princess” cut and a high collar. It has a beaded lace bustier.

For more coverage, a white undershirt is recommended.

Discover the CELYA dress here

The BELAN dress

The BELAN dress has a minimalist cut, with long buttoned puff sleeves, an integrated belt to cinch in the back, as well as a train and a zip in the back.

Discover the BELAN dress here

The ERINA dress

The ERINA dress is a mermaid cut in embroidered lace with buttons in the back and a train.

Discover the ERINA dress here

The ALYSSIA dress

The ALYSSIA dress is a simple cut with lace sleeves and a small train.

Discover the ALYSSIA dress here

The ANISSA dress

The ANISSA dress has a minimalist cut, with fitted long sleeves, an integrated belt to cinch in the back and an elegant train.

Discover the ANISSA dress here

For a dress completely adapted to your wishes and your body shape, opt for tailor-made tailoring! Your wishes will be taken into account and the experts will be able to advise you best.Request your quote right here

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