How to choose the right wedding dress?

Comment bien choisir sa robe de mariée ?

Thinking about your wedding dress... When some people have been thinking about their dream dress since childhood, others find themselves lost among this mountain of existing models! In this article, we will give you our essential advice for choosing the right dress, the one that will mark this very important day.

Get inspired by staying open!

The first step is to get inspired, to look for the models you like, the details you want, the colors... On the internet, on Instagram, on Pinterest (your best ally), start listing all your inspirations.

The important thing is to open up to the whole world of the wedding dress, without limiting yourself to false ideas: "it's a wedding so I can only wear white", "I have this body type therefore I could only wear this cut of dress” etc. These details will be seen again during fittings.

Explore everything that suits you, and check back a few days later. Your ideas will already be more advanced and sorting out what you want or not will happen more naturally.

Establish your budget

Before you begin further research, it is important to define your final budget. This will allow you to better know what type of dress you can afford and above all, will facilitate the work of the saleswoman who will advise you accordingly.

By trying on dresses without a budget, you risk falling for a dress well beyond your means... It would then be frustrating to fall back on another model out of spite.

For smaller budgets or those who don't have any particular interest in keeping the dress, don't forget to look into renting!

Do it in advance

Preparing for a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about choosing outfits. Go as soon as possible, usually between 6 months and 1 year in advance.

If you opt for a custom-made dress, there will be a manufacturing time to take into account (specific to each Couture House). If you opt for a dress already made, you may need to allow time for alterations.

The sooner you have your dress, the sooner you will have peace of mind to devote yourself to other things.

For latecomers or weddings in a hurry, your local designer may not have the dress of your taste and size in the coming month, so it is better to avoid putting enormous pressure on her and instead focus on sites with pre-made dresses and fast shipping. Be sure to check the reliability of the site and the quality of the parts.

Think about comfort

Who wants a wedding dress with scratchy lace or a cut that prevents movement?

During fittings, make sure you are comfortable in this dress that you will wear for many hours! Obviously, the goal of a wedding dress is not to be completely comfortable, but if you can avoid stopping your breath and scratching yourself all day long, it's still better.

Choose what you like

We can thus return to the stories of morphology, colors, details etc.

Choosing a dress according to your body shape will necessarily make you look more flattering and will be more suited to your shape. However, this is not an obligation, and it would be a shame to be imposed a cut that we are less happy with just because the others are not suited to your body.

If you fall for a pale pink princess dress but are told that you must wear a white mermaid dress, just choose the dress in which you feel the most beautiful.

The bride doesn't have to be "perfect", she has to wear something that pleases her and suits her!

Surround yourself with the right people

The perfect way to follow up on the previous point. When choosing your dress, surround yourself with people who provide good, caring and objective advice. People who always have something to say will not be welcome during fittings and risk ruining your day.

Choose the few people who will make this day joyful and pleasant!

The same goes for the store and the salespeople, by the way. If you don't feel comfortable with them or don't like their advice, don't hesitate to change locations.

List of tips for a successful choice of dress: 

- Go to fittings with discreet underwear (flesh-colored) and a good complexion (avoid too much makeup)

- Bring a pair of heels that are the same height as those you will wear on the big day

- Prefer appointments during the week so that the salespeople are more available

- Trust your advisor, she has the experience to guide you!

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