About Us

A team, a common passion


The mix of your inspirations and our expertise so that you can dress for this unique day. Our primary goal is to offer all women the dress of their dreams. Make available the know-how of our seamstresses, in order to be able to enhance each of you!


Between 2018 and 2022, Owlana has dressed thousands of women in their daily lives. Originating from a passion of the founder, the project has evolved into a service entirely dedicated to the bride. Combining simplicity and modernity, the know-how of the House is preserved in this adventure.


Maison Owlana lives to perpetuate the family heritage of the founder and keep her memories intact, by reinterpreting them through its collections. The passion for sewing has been passed down from generation to generation in Eleana's mother's family, who learned to sew by watching her elders.


We attach great importance to social ethics. Our team is a family and we prioritize inclusiveness and local female employment. The diversity of our personalities stimulates our creativity and strengthens our ability to work hand in hand.

The young enthusiast was never afraid to think big and despite trials and failures, she always returned to her philosophy: settle for the minimum to give her maximum. Sometimes you don't need to look for a revolutionary idea or great means to guide your destiny. Often, you have to return to your anchor point, to the simple and essential things in life to reconnect with yourself.